Kirk Baily cause of death

Actor Kirk Baily, popular for playing the role Kevin Ug Lee in the Nickelodeon sitcom Salute Your Shorts, is died.

Kirk Baily died at the age of 59 after suffering from lung cancer.

According to Kirk Baily family he died over the weekend.

According to the outlet, Baily was diagnosed with the illness six months prior.

Kirk was also a voice actor who appeared in anime shows and video games such as
Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and the hack// series.

The news of Kirk Baily death has saddened many of his fans as they have taken to online to share their tributes;

One fan wrote: “RIP Kirk Baily. You’re forever part of my childhood as Camp Counselor “Ug” Lee from Salute Your Shorts.”

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“Thank you for bringing so much life to the world of our childhoods. #RIPKirkBaily,” another mourner tweeted.

A third person chimed in saying they “grew up watching” Baily on Nickelodeon.

“Just heard about the passing of Kirk Baily. Man was a great voice actor and many might not have known that. I grew up watching him on Salute Your Shorts. RIP Kirk. 🙏🏻,” the fan posted.


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