Having everything organised before bringing your new cat home saves you a lot of worries. Not only, does it relieve your stresses, but helps your cat or kitten get acclimatised to the new surroundings far quicker.


First things first, you could play with the cat where they are currently living so it gets used to new smells and the general odour of the house it is going to be living. If you do so, when the cat does arrive at its new place, it would not be overwhelmed by the new range of scents and odours and would find it easier to link you with the new house scent through memory.


You should also bring a few of their old belongings from the store of adoption shelter you might have brought them from. These could include their towel, favourite toy, and objects with familiarity. You can plant these objects all over the house so they can adjust to their new house far more easily. The familiar scents mixed with the new house smell could make your new feline friend feel at home.


Following are some essentials you need to move your new cat:


1) Cat Carrier


One of the most important things you need for a successful move of a new cat is the cat carrier or cat crate. The cat carrier should make the cat feel safe and should have ample ventilation. The carrier should have easy access and for your new cat to go in and out. Avoid using a cardboard box to move your cat as it does not have any ventilation and no air access.


2) Food and Water Bowls


Setting up food and water bowls will help them be in peace. Water filters in the pet fountain can help them get fresh water every time. Make sure your pet bowls are dishwasher friendly and are not made of any toxic materials. Bowls should be cleaned regularly and made sure its placed in an easily accessible area at your residence.

3) Food


It can be tempting to get your cat on a new brand of food but it is quite important to note that a sudden change in diet can severely impact the cat’s appetite and overall well-being. Retrieving the brand information of the cat’s current food can help you understand the core properties that your cat is accustomed to. You could note them down to choose your next brand of cat food. Dave’s Pet and Garden Supplies have a great selection of Cat Food Brands suitable for all cat types.



4) Litter box


You can pick from a variety of litter box designs with varying functionality. Choosing the right one can go a long way for you and your cat. We recommend a 3-piece litter tray with a sieve to get the best of functionality.


5) Bed


Many cats would gladly snooze anywhere, but a cat bed will be a prefered resting place. The bed should be cosy and comfy, and it should be placed in an area where your cat feels secure and at ease.

6) Collar and ID Tag


Your cat should always be wearing a collar with an ID tag on it. Your name, address, and phone number ought to be printed on the tag. If your cat becomes impaled on something, such as a tree limb, the collar needs to feature an automatic release that will disengage. We recommend Sureflap- RFID collar tags for a great balance of quality and safety.


Head on to Dave’s Pet and Supplies to get the best for your new cuddly cat.


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